As the nature of the OBOR initiative demands a spectrum of specialized services, our platform at OBOR Invest caters for these highly-specialized mechanisms. This may include the following (but not limited to):

  • Developing lines of relationship channels with financial institutions and organisations (public and private), contractors, engineers, developers , fund managers etc. catering for the OBOR initiative and beyond;

  • Researching, identifying, selecting, reviewing and targeting the proposed projects and investments to meet the desired criteria for best interests of all parties;

  • Designing and executing highly efficient structured finance and legal models coupled with strategy for preparation, procurement, growth and exit i.e. EPC, PPP, BOT, IPO etc .;

  • Implementing tailored proposals thus best-fit solutions to meet the needs of the capital providers;

  • Cultivating an ecosystem, rich with support and transparency to enhance credibility, exposure and maximizing co-operation;

  • Enhanced management, operation and execution solutions to maximize flexibility, minimize risks and ensuring prioritization throughout the project lifecycle;

  • Offering exclusive OBOR fund establishment services for investors and institutions; and

  • Providing boutique investment advisory, wealth management, international tax planning, legal, corporate, fiduciary and trust services.