What is Belt and Road?

OBOR refers to the land based New Silk Road Economic Belt, linking China to Europe through Central and Western Asia, and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, connecting China with Southeast Asian countries, Africa and Europe.

Who we are and what we do?

OBOR Invest is a specialist and unique platform serving for exclusive opportunities along the modern Silk Road. Through our strategically positioned “Silk Road” continental offices stretching from Far East & Central Asia and bridging with Middle East & Africa whilst covering Europe & Latin America, we have global reach with a strong local offering (through our trusted network) as trusted advisors for leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.

The global presence of OBOR Invest exemplifies the diversity of work we undertake and execute. We offer a wide array of services across the platform for infrastructure and investment development cycles, both to public and private sector organizations, investors and contractors thus aiding in the innovative creation, pro-active management and long lasting preservation of a vibrant ecosystem.

Whether it is to source investments or projects, strategic intelligence, business or project advisory, infrastructure finance mechanisms or structured finance or implementation assistance etc.; the team at OBOR Invest shall leverage its industry-specific expertise and know-how with their valuable on-the-ground experience, and matching with their extensive financing network and know-who, to engineer and deliver a winning solution for driving capital growth and the development of a real economy along OBOR.

The progressive complexities and unpredictability of today’s economic environment is giving new shapes and forms to threats and opportunities. We acknowledge that business leaders have challenging decisions to make on a wider scale than before.

We collaborate with our clients as “partners”, sharing and aligning with their journey as “one”. Our team of highly skilled and expert staff /consultants shall endeavor to solve problems, assess, design, implement and deliver innovative and bespoke solutions to overcome the rigorous and challenging demands, thus, supporting business leaders, enterprises and corporates etc. to minimize the risks and helping them to realise their aspirations and goals whilst adding sustainable value and enduring improvements.

  1. Air projects in belt and road
  2. Land projects in belt and road
  3. Offshore projects in belt and road

Numbers and figures on OBOR Projects

The One belt one road initiative is a big opportunity for Investors to optimize business stability.

US$ 494B
Core Infrastructure 2016

Who do we work with?

OBOR Invest is a professional platform on the One Belt One Road, typically encapsulating infrastructure & investment advisory and management services such as project management, corporate finance, fund raising, mergers & acquisitions etc., and assisting our partners to implement structured finance and investment structures along the silk road countries.

We work with Governments along belt and road
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We partner with Financial institutions along belt and road
Financial Institutions
We have top Capital advisors along OBOR
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