SW China's Chongqing unveils measures to facilitate cross-border trade

Dated 2018-11-10, tagged under Global trade

SW China's Chongqing unveils measures to facilitate cross-border trade-OBOR Invest

 2018-11-09 14:06:16 Source: Xinhua Silk Road Information Service

Southwest China's Chongqing released 16 measures to improve the business environment of the ports and facilitate cross-border trade, according to the local customs on Wednesday.

Chongqing Customs will shorten the customs clearance time, improve the customs clearance process, promote the reform of tax collection and certificates, enhance operation efficiency of the ports, and improve supporting facilities for the ports.

It will achieve normalization of round-the-clock customs clearance and promote the "advance declaration" of imported and exported goods.

Meanwhile, the local customs will promote cross-departmental joint inspection operations, promote the mode of "green light first, inspection later", and implement the quick clearance for the fresh, fruit and vegetable products.

For example, it previously took about 6.6 hours, on average, for the salmon imports after a series of procedures such as customs declaration, inspection and quarantine. After the new measures are put in place, the imported salmon can be cleared after quantity verification and sensory on-site quarantine, and the average customs clearance time will be reduced to less than 2 hours.

Chongqing Customs will also streamline the import and export supervision certificates, promote paperless tax bills, and expand the scope of electronic payment of taxes and fees at the ports.

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