New port connecting China and Russia opens

Dated 2018-05-13, tagged under Global trade

New port connecting China and Russia opens-OBOR Invest

 2018-05-07 09:38:03 Source: Xinhua News Agency

A new international port linking northeast China and Russia was opened Friday, according to the maritime safety administration of the northeast Heilongjiang Province.

The port is located in Fuyuan City in Heilongjiang Province. It will be mainly used to export China's vegetable, fruits, agricultural products and engineering machinery to Russia, and import Russia's wood, soybeans and flour to China.

A water route between Fuyuan and Khabarovsk in Russia was launched on the same day, the administration said.

The route will operate for 180 days and run 20 times per day, transporting about 1,000 tourists daily .

The new port and the water route are expected to further promote the cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries.

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