Henan issues plan for Zhengzhou-Luxemburg air route

Dated 2017-10-01, tagged under Global trade

Henan issues plan for Zhengzhou-Luxemburg air route-OBOR Invest

2017-09-30 11:31:52 Source: Belt and Road Portal By: Li Yang

Henan provincial development and reform commission has published a plan for the development of the Zhengzhou-Luxemburg air route running from 2017 to 2025.

The Silk Road in the air, as President Xi Jinping called it during his visit to the country in June, is a central task in Henan's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

The plan outlines details for Henan to be connected with the main air transport hubs and the main economies in the world.

Henan will make good use of the Zhengzhou-Luxemburg air route net to strengthen policy communication, facility connection, trade and financial cooperation as well as cultural communication with the other countries and regions, turning the air route into an economic corridor in the air.

The plan lists 22 tasks to be finished in six fields consisting of: constructing an international air transport hub, forming an international air route web, developing industries related to aviation, promoting economic and trade cooperation, providing financial service guarantees, and expanding cultural communication.

Henan proposes to strengthen cooperation in infrastructure construction, customs clearance and visa affairs, and to coordinate traffic rights with Luxemburg and other partners related to the air route.

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